High temperature Painting drying cure oven with programmable forced exhaust system curing/dry oven-Tianfuchenglai-14

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High temperature Painting drying cure oven with programmable forced exhaust system curing/dry oven

Technical Parameter

The total length is 31 meters, of which the feeding area is 2 meters, the preheating area is 10   meters (temperature is 200℃), the high temperature curing area is 10 meters (temperature is 500℃), the cooling area is 6m, the feeding area is 3 m, and the width of the furnace is 1.5m (conveying bandwidth is 1.4 m). The total height of the furnace is 450 mm (the effective height is 350 mm), and the height of the conveyor belt is 0.8m from the ground.

Heating form and power: Natural gas heating form, 200 Kcal burner in preheating zone, 400 Kcal burner in high temperature solidification zone, 7.5 kw High temperature stainless steel hot air blower, 7.5 kw conveyor belt drive motor, 6 1.5 kw industrial cooling fans installed in cooling zone, total power consumption is about 31.5 kw

Ⅱ. Equipment configuration

① Insulation Layer: Made of our factory's special insulation layer, the thickness of the insulation layer in the preheating zone is 80mm, the outer layer is 1.2mm stainless steel grinding board, and the inner layer is 1.2mm stainless steel grinding board; the thickness of the insulation layer in the high-temperature solidification zone is 150mm, the outer layer s 1.2mm stainless steel grinding board, and the inner panel is made of our factory's special high-temperature fiberboard, and the insulation layer is filled with (120K) our factory's special insulation material. The heat preservation effect is excellent, the surface temperature of the furnace body is normal (±5℃), and the joint gap is slightly higher. The top of the furnace body is provided with an overhaul door for easy maintenance and cleaning of the furnace.

②Circulating ventilation system: 304 stainless steel high temperature circulating fan is used for ventilation, stainless steel plate is used for folding inside and outside the circulating air duct, and high temperature insulation material is filled in the middle. A dehumidification system is installed on the top of the furnace body. The exhaust gas and humidity are connected to the main exhaust gas pipeline and discharged outdoors through the induced draft fan.

③Conveyor system: The conveyor motor is driven by Jin fu ling 7.5 kw frequency converter, and the speed is adjustable by Source Inverter. The speed is 0-5 m/min. It is also equipped with corresponding sprockets and other transmission parts, screw tension mode.

④Line body and bracket: The main frame of the conveyor line adopts 100mm *50mm *3mm rectangular stainless-steel pipe, and the bracket adopts 50mm *50mm *3mm rectangular pipe, 1m per pipe.

⑤Conveyor belt and chain: 304 stainless steel conveyor belts, width of 1.4 meters, high temperature resistance, corrosion.resistance, durable type. The conveyor belt piercing rod adopts outer jacket inner diameter 12 mm, pipe center distance 152.4 mm, mesh hole 35x45, which ensures strength and won't be deformed under high temperature and long-term baking.

⑥Cooling fans: 6sets of 1500W industrial cooling fans, designed as detachable, independent electronic control.

⑦Electronic control box: control the start and stop of the conveyor line and the heating switch of the oven. The oven uses a temperature control meter to keep the temperature constant. It has the functions of PID temperature self-tuning and automatic constant temperature. Load control using Zhengtai contactor。

⑧Surface treatment: The surface of the wire body is made of stainless steel, except galvanized and standard parts.

2、The quotation includes design, manufacturing, materials, etc., excluding transportation and installation costs.;

3、Production time:70 working days,excluding transportation and door installation time.

4、Payment term:TT 50% in advance,after the completion of inspection and acceptance, buyer will pay 50% to start delivery. The ownership of the remaining unpaid equipment belongs to Party B.

5、Party A shall provide its own three-phase four-wire leakage switch within one meter of the machine and prepare the corresponding length of cable. Both Party A and Party B shall pay for the cost of loading and unloading.

6、After-sales service mode: free warranty for one year and life-long warranty for normal use of equipment.

 No. System Main configuration Quantity Specification

1 Dimension Approx. 30m(L)X2m(W)X1.5m(H)

2 Machine Body Outer door plate 1Set 1.5mm cold rolled steel plate bending.

3 Frame 1Set At the bottom of the 10# square tube +100X100 square tube +50X5 angle iron,

Iron square tube through painting or antirust processing paint.

4 Feeding

Unloading 1 Set

1 Set The feeding zone length of 1 meters.

The unloading zone length of 3 meters.

5 Drying Oven Inner furnace size 20m(L)X1.5m(W)X600(H)mm.

The furnace body is equipped with 4 suction holes.

Inner plate 1 Set 1.0mm high temperature stainless steel plate forming and welding

Inner bulkhead 1.0mm high temperature stainless steel plate forming and welding

Thermal insulation

layer 1 Set 200mm Thick asbestos insulation, good thermal insulation

Heating system 2 Sets Heating mode using 30W kcal natural gas combustion machine 2 Sets.

Heating mode The top fan heating, hot air cycle

Temperature control

system 1 Set Japan "OMRON" digital temperature control, adjustable temperature

6 Air transportation

system Air transportation

motor 2 Sets Taiwan "Min Dong" 3.7 fan, excellent performance, wind is constant

Air transportation

system 2 Sets Taiwan "Min Dong" 10HP Standard "Cage" type fan system, a uniform and


Fog absorbing

system 4 Sets Composed of the upper hood exhaust pipe and the air outlet

This machine is installed 2 exhaust fog suction.

7 Cooling system Cooling fan 6 Sets The Guangzhou YuTong 1.5KW wind turbine

8 Conveying system Conveying motor 1 Set 1. 2.2KW motor plus 1:60 gearbox 1 set.

2. 2.2KW inverter 1 set.

3. Carbon steel mesh plate mesh belt with 60 meters.

4.Φ200mm gear 8pcs.

5.Φ50mm bearing 8pcs.

6. Mechanical elastic regulator 4 sets.

7.1 piece of carbon steel chain 3 meters.







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