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G4250 metal band sawing machine

I. Brief introduction of G4250 horizontal band sawing machine:

The combination of machine tool current collector, hydraulic and mechanical. The tool is equipped with a suitable bimetal band saw blade, which can cut all kinds of metal materials. It has the characteristics of small sawing seam, energy saving, material saving, good sawing precision, and high production efficiency. The machine tool is suitable for sawing various profiles, pipes, bars, and other metal and non-metal materials. It is suitable for sawing tasks of mass production in various manufacturing industries such as machinery, petroleum, automobiles, and ships. The maximum sawing range of this machine is 250mm in diameter

II. The structure and performance of the machine tool:

The machine tool consists of a bed part, a main transmission part, a clamping and supporting part, a saw frame guide part, a lifting part, a hydraulic transmission part, an electric control part, etc.

1. Bed part: The bed body is a box-shaped structure welded with steel plates and has sufficient rigidity. There is a platform in the center of the bed, which is equipped with a support and a machine base. An oil tank, cooling water tank, and hydraulic components are installed in the bed, and the electrical control box is installed outside the machine (front left). The appearance of the bed is neat and simple, and the interior is compact and reasonable.

2. Main transmission part: The main drive of the machine tool is composed of a motor, a pair of five-speed belt pulleys and a worm gear as a speed reduction gearbox. The driving wheel is connected to the worm gear output shaft, and the driving wheel and passive wheel drive the saw blade to rotate. Under the action of the guide part, the saw blade is twisted, and the saw blade is continuously cut perpendicular to the workpiece. In addition to the friction loss of the worm wheel, worm and saw band on the saw wheel, the energy is fully utilized, and the noise of the machine tool is relatively small.

3. Clamping and supporting part: the material clamping is completed by a clamping device, which is composed of a fixed jaw and a movable jaw, a fixed screw and a clamping cylinder. The support is composed of a finger saw frame as a movable support point that moves up and down. It has a main upright column and a sub-upright column. It has the advantages of high vertical accuracy and good stability.

4. Saw frame and guide part: The saw frame is the main part of the machine tool, which is welded by steel plate, has strong rigidity and reasonable structure. There are driving wheel, driven wheel, main motor and worm gear reducer on the saw frame. The back of the left driven wheel is equipped with a saw blade tensioning component, and a guide component is installed in the middle of the saw frame. Because the saw frame is 60 degrees from the workpiece, the saw belt is also inclined at 60 degrees when it is in a free state. Degrees, to maintain perpendicular to the workpiece.

5. Lifting part: The lifting oil cylinder is used to raise and lower the saw frame. A speed regulating valve is provided on the oil path of the lifting cylinder. According to the size of the material and the material of the material, adjust the oil return of the speed control valve to achieve the proper efficiency of sawing feed.

6. Hydraulic and electrical control parts: The hydraulic transmission system is installed in the bed. It is driven by a hydraulic motor and a hydraulic pump is used to achieve the required hydraulic working pressure through the pressure regulating valve on the oil block. The lifting and lowering of the saw frame are realized by the electromagnetic directional valve. The machine tool is provided with the function of rapid lowering of the saw frame when there is no cutting. The hydraulic oil is 32 # precision hydraulic oil. The machine tool uses contactors, intermediate relay thermal relays and buttons to control each motor and solenoid valve, so as to realize the semi-automatic and automatic functional requirements of various parts of the machine tool. The power supply is connected to the wiring board in the electric box, and the total power of the machine tool is controlled by the combination switch. When the power switch is turned on, the control transformer, current protection fuse and emergency stop button are energized, and the machine tool can start normal operation. Machine tool electrical appliances are equipped with overload protection and current protection. When a certain motor of the machine tool is overloaded, the thermal protection of the electrical appliance is automatically disconnected, and the control system is completely stopped at this time. The current protection is controlled by the fuse in the electric box, and the machine tool power supply is 380V, 50HZ.

Hot use G4250 metal band sawing machine for machine house and factory metal process machining tool with factory price-Tianfuchenglai111 Hot use G4250 metal band sawing machine for machine house and factory metal process machining tool-Tianfuchenglai111

Customers should provide:

1. Several meters of cable (3 items, 4 cores, 4 square meters)

2. The hydraulic oil is not less than 50KG

3. Cut blood is not less than 30KG

4. After-sales service

1) From the date of acceptance, all mechanical parts are guaranteed free of charge for 12 months, and the electrical system is guaranteed for 12 months, but if the damage caused by the improper use of the user unit is not within the scope of the above free warranty period, Party B must pay the cost of repair and replacement parts . After the warranty period expires, Party A will provide 12 months of free manual service.

2) Damage caused by natural disasters, accidental fires, wars and unstable voltage fluctuations is not covered by the free warranty period.

3) During the warranty period, if the machine fails, Party A will give a technical reply within 4 hours after receiving the repair call from Party B. If Party B cannot complete the repair operation independently, the technical personnel of Party A will arrive at the factory of Party B for repair, air tickets, accommodation and other expenses shall be paid by Party B. In addition, the engineer shall be paid USD 100 per day.

G4250 metal band sawing machine

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