YD1810-KD UV FLATBED INKJET PRINTER with factory price-Tianfuchenglai-62

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YD1810-KD UV FLATBED INKJET PRINTER with factory price-Tianfuchenglai-62 YD1810-KD UV FLATBED INKJET PRINTER for advertising promotional products-Tianfuchenglai


YD1810-KDUV FLATBED PRINTER Konica KM1024 Industrial Printhead

Gray level Konica KM1024 internalheating(14pl 12kHz)industrial print head printing width 72mm at one time and widely used in UV printing field.The ultrathin and space-saving print head not only make the printer more cxquisite,but also improve the printing quality.Staggored placing seven pieces of Konica head,not only make sure the high resolution but also the high speed,the ink droplets are more intensive,8 printing colors, the colors are brighter and richer.

Intelligent bidirectional printing

Intelligent bldirectional printing is avalable, the printing speed can be doubled immediately, saving time and labor. S

Anti-collision device

Carriage automatically stops when colliding with obstacles.

It prevents carriage and print head from damages,also protects human safety.

Print head flash spray function

YD1810-KD 180Ommx1000mm

Print size

Konica KM1024(14p)

Print head

mercury lampcring,ths sncray levelusable from -t dearee i ED uy La

UV curing system

LM.LC.Y,M.C.K. W.V(optional)

Print color Print thickness

Up to 100mm

Number of print head

Single row 4、5、6、7、8(optional)

Ink type

Original import UV ink

Print speed

13M n

Hioh seeed rncdo-2a1:h-normalmado:2tthHiabh rcroluicr r

Power requirement


High speed USB

Interface mode

PhotoPrint, Seeget

RIP software Color management

International standard ICC

Printer weight


The optimum tempertaure;20C-28° C,relative humidity:40%-60%

Working environment

Printer dimensions



YD1810-KD UVfatbed printer carn achieve the pest effe


Rigid medium:glass,ceramic,metalplates, wood,databoards,acrylic board, KTboard,PVC board melamine board, marble board.

Flexible media: paper, plastic film,leather, cloth and so on.

Apparel Fabrics

When the printer stops working the print head has flashsprayfunction to prevent thehead from clogging.

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