Cold die chamber casting machine aluminium alloy LK-280T-Tianfuchenglai-6-4

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Cold die chamber casting machine aluminium alloy

Die casting machine technical parameter table:

Cold die chamber casting machine aluminium alloy  LK-280T-Tianfuchenglai-6-4 die chamber casting machine for aluminium alloy-Tianfuchenglai

Cold die chamber casting machine for aluminium copper zinc alloy casting process

• Multi-stage pressure and speed control to mode-locked opening,it is equipped with low pressure locking protection function.

• Hydraulic friver gear die regulating device.

• Cenral electric lubrication system.

• Rapid hydraulic ejecting device and core puller.

• Injections of two sections of pressure and speed control,high-speed injection of piston type accumlator.

• German and Japanese famous brands hydraulic elements.

• Advanced injection system can stabilize the injection speed effectively,and the air injection speed can reach 4m/s.

• Furnace uses digital temperature control to control the temperature of the alloy material precisely to avoid the condition that temperature is too high or too low,which improve the quality of die cast parts.

• Hotkey of nozzle and gooseneck uses steel materials with high temperature and hot working,to make sure their wearing life is long.


PLC with LCD Touch Screen provides function as parameter setrtings and production monitoring.Machine adopts the world famous brand electrical components to ensure stable,safe and reliable performance.



High strength and wear resistant casting platens and toggles.toggle system adopts double link tie bar guidance,achieves the effect of rapid,strong,durable and stable.Hydarlic driven gear type die thickness adjusting device makes the operation quickly and guarantees the accuracy.



oil hydralic system adopts proportional controlled system pressure and flow,achieves multi-stage pressure& speed control,and low pressure die clamping function.European or japanese famous valve and oil seals ensure quality and durability;The well-known brands improve the performance.The high-low double pump or single pump with low noise save energy and improve production efficiency.

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