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Metal Vertical Machining Center cnc Milling Machine

Model No.VMC1060-DX-3

Item name: vertical machining center


Vertical machining center is mainly used for processing board type, disc type parts, shell parts, mold and other high precision, multi process and complex shape parts, can be installed in a continuous milling, drilling, complete with expansion joints, boring, tapping and 2D 3D surface, accurate processing slope, processing program. To shorten the production cycle, allowing users to obtain good economic benefits.

CNC-Milling Machine center

I. Function and characteristic description 

1. The Layouts of Machining center:

VMC1060 L vertical machining center with vertical frame layout, the column is fixed on the bed, headstock move along the pillar (Z) and slide along the bed longitudinal movement (Y), the table along the sliding seat lateral movement (X) structure.

The lathe bed, worktable, slide seat, column and main case are made of high strength cast iron. The molding is resin sand process, and the two-aging treatment eliminates stress. These large pieces are optimized by SW and Ansys, which can improve the rigidity and stability of the large parts and the whole machine, and effectively suppress the deformation and vibration of the machine tools caused by cutting force.

2. Dragging system

     X, Y, Z axis guideway adopts linear rolling guide, static friction is small, high sensitivity, high speed and small vibration, low speed creeping, high positioning accuracy, the servo drive performance, improve the accuracy and its stability.

      The X, Y and Z shaft servo motors are directly connected with the high precision ball screw through the elastic coupling, reducing the intermediate link, realizing the gapless transmission, the feeding is flexible, the positioning is accurate, and the transmission accuracy is high.

     Z axis servo motor with automatic brake function, in the case of power failure, can automatically brake the motor shaft tight, cannot be rotated, played the role of security protection.

3. Spindle group:

The spindle group is made by Taiwan professional manufacturer with high precision and high rigidity. The bearings are P4 grade spindle bearings, and the whole spindle is assembled under constant temperature condition. It is tested by dynamic balance correction and running together to improve the service life and reliability of the whole spindle. The spindle can realize step less speed regulation in its speed range, and the main shaft is controlled by an internal motor encoder to realize spindle orientation and rigid tapping function. 

4.  Tool storage:

    The Taiwan high speed high quality automatic knife tool library, accurate, short time, high efficiency, with millions of times the running test, meet the requirement of reliability; configuration of disc type tool magazine.

5. Cutting cooling system:

Equipped with large flow cooling pump and large capacity water tank, fully guarantee circulating cooling, cooling pump power: 0.4Kw, pressure: 1.2bar.

The end of the spindle box is provided with a cooling nozzle, which can be water-cooled or air-cooled, and can be switched at will. The cooling process can be controlled by M code or a control panel.

Equipped with clean air guns for cleaning machine tools.

6.  Pneumatic system

Pneumatic triple parts can filter the impurities and moisture in the air source, and prevent the damage and corrosion of the parts of the machine parts from the impure gas. Electromagnetic valve group through the PLC program control, to ensure that the main shaft, loose knife, spindle center blowing, spindle clamp, knife, spindle air cooling and other actions can be completed quickly and accurately.

7. Machine tool protection

The machine tool adopts the protective room meeting the safety standard, not only prevents the coolant from splashing, but also ensures the safe operation and pleasant appearance. All the rails of the machine tools are provided with shields to prevent chips and coolant from entering the machine and to prevent the rail and ball screw from wearing and corrosion.

8. Lubrication system:

Guide, ball screw adopts centralized automatic lubrication, each node is equipped with a quantitative type oil separator, timing quantitative to ensure that all parts of the lubrication oil, lubricating sliding surface evenly, effectively reduce the friction resistance, high precision, the ball screw and guide life.

9. Chip removal system:

Produced by the process of iron door on the door falls directly on the internal structure of the iron surface, smoothly slid to the chip, and then through the spiral conveyor will be transported to the car with iron scraps, simple and practical and economical.

10. Working conditions of machine tools:

(1) Power: 380V ± 10% 50HZ ± 1% three-phase AC

(2) the use of temperature: 5  -40

(3) the best ambient temperature: 15  -25

(4) Relative humidity: 40-75%

(5) Air supply pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa

(6) Air flow: 350L / min

11. Machine inspection:

All finished products have been laser alignment correction and round test. To ensure optimum positioning accuracy and servo characteristics. And the machine before shipment through rigorous testing measures to ensure that the accuracy of the long-term stability of the machine.

Metal Vertical Machining Center cnc Milling Machine Main specifications and technical parameters:

Spec.   VMC1060       Unit

Workbench Size:  1200×600mm

Allowable maximum load 700 kg

T groove size 18×5×100 mm×pcs


Range Maximum stroke of table - X axis 1000 mm

Maximum stroke of sliding seat - Y axis 600 mm

Spindle maximum stroke - Z axis 650 mm

Spindle face to

Countertop distance Max. 780 mm

Min. 130 mm

Distance from spindle center to guide rail base plane 650 mm

Spindle Bore-hole (7:24) BT 40

Revolution range 50~8000 r/min

Maximum output torque 70 N.m

Spindle motor power 11/15 kw

Spindle drive mode Synchronous toothed belt

Cutting tool Handle type MAS403 BT40

Pull nail type MAS403 BT40-Ⅰ

Feed Rapid movement

                        X 24 m/min

Y 24

Z 18

  Feed rate 1-6000 mm/min

Three axis drive motor torque 20/20/20 NM

Tool Magazine (optional) Tool magazine form Hats

Cutter selection method Primary knife

Tool magazine capacity 16 pcs

Maximum tool length 250 mm

Maximum tool weight 8 kg

Maximum cutter head

diameter Full of knives φ78 mm

Adjacent empty knives φ120 mm

Tool change time (T-T) 2-5 s

Positioning accuracy X axis, /Y axis, /Z axis                ±0.008mm

Repeatability positioning accuracy X axis, /Y axis, /Z axis ±0.003/300mm

Machine weight (with knife Cuyo) 6000 kg

Without spindle cooler, spindle shall be used more than 8000 rpm.


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