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SBF-800 Automatic Cutting and Sewing Machine for Woven Bag

Fully Automatic Cutting and Sewing Machine for Woven Bag

Functions of equipment:

1、Auto pneumatic fabric roll loading 


3、Printing mark tracking,bag length controlled by servo system

4、 Hot cutting, auto mouth open, wave type cutting, beautiful and easily to open

   motor control, instead of old type cylinder control, with better stability

5、Cold cutting, Servo system control 

6、PLC centralized control, operation monitor, parameter setting, display, record

7、New-long Sewing machine, made in Japan, DN-2HS

8、Inverter control speed 

9、Auto bag counting, folding, transportation

10、Auto stop the line and alarm when the sewing thread break

    abnormal bag sending and folding alarm system

Cutting and Sewing Machine for Woven Bag Technical parameters:

1、Diameter of unwinding cloth ≤Φ1200mm            

2、Max. width of cutting bag 800mm

3、Length of cutting bag 500~1300 mm            

4、Production Capacity 20~40pcs/min 

5、Stitch Range 5~10mm

6、Fold Width of bag bottom 20~30mm

7、Power 7kw

Cutting and Sewing Machine for Woven Bag Equipment configuration:

1)Unwinding and traction part

Auto loading, auto deviation rectifying   

2)Cutting part

Bag heat cutting, equipped with auto mouth releasing device 

Cold cutter device 

  Printing mark controlled by electric eye, suitable for cut and printed woven bag 

3)Transmitting part

After cut, bag transmitted by robot automatically.   

4)Sewing part

One set of NEWLONG (DN-2HS) sewing machine made in Japan

5)Bag collected part

Auto counting, stacking transmitting 

3、Functions of equipment

1)Being equipped with NEWLONG sewing machine imported from Japan, it is suitable for long term and stable production.

2)Cloth fed by servo motor, high precision in cutting 

3)Cutting in high speed, auto sewing on line

4)Auto mouth releasing

5)Auto deviation rectifying in unwinding 

6)After cut, bag transmitted by servo robot, high precision in sewing

7)MITSUBISHI PLC centralized control, 5.7 inch man-machine dialogue interface setting/record

8)Complete machine operation controlled by 4 pieces of MITSUBISHI inverters,  3(2)pieces of MITSUBISHI servo moto

Note: cold cutter uses MITSUBISHI servo motor and imported guide rail which replaces old shaft-less cylinder control, durable.

Fully Automatic Cutting and Sewing Machine for Woven Bag

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