CNC Turning Machinery Lathe Turning Machine Big Metal Vertical machining center -VMC1060H-1-Tianfuchenglai-32

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CNC Machine-VMC1060H

CNC Turning  Machinery Lathe Turning Machine Big Metal 

High precision, low price Factory direct sales cnc Vertical machining center CNC milling machine
I.          Performance characteristics:

1. The application of computer aided design (CAD) system complete machine structure optimization design, the overall structure of the resin sand casting machine, box structure, thick wall reinforcement, and the multi stress elimination process, the machine has good rigidity;

2. The machine for high-speed, high rigidity special design, spindle speed of 12000r/min, three axis rapid feed up to 36/36/32m/min;

3. The whole machine precision is high, according to the JB/T877.4 standard: positioning accuracy 0.016/0.014/0.014mm, repeat positioning accuracy 0.012/0.01/0.01mm;

4. Optional three axis grating ruler detection, closed loop control accuracy is higher, accuracy is good;

5. With high load capacity, high rigidity roller linear guide, with AC servo motor drive, so that the shaft moving fast, smooth and smooth, the machine has constant precision;

6. The main shaft adopts the short nose end structure, straight drive, high rigidity and high-speed stability;

7. Adopt hydraulic nitrogen balance system, high speed and good dynamic stability;

8. Proprietary technology and working table spindle taper quenching, ensure its hardness and precision stability;

9. Imported spindle bearings preloading high precision angle ball bearing, give maximum rigidity of the spindle and the spindle with highest accuracy; constant temperature oil control measures, can minimize the spindle thermal deformation, accuracy and stability; with high torque AC servo spindle motor, can force cutting, especially suitable for high-speed machining applications, improve processing the precision and smoothness, shorten the processing time;

10. Using the system of disc manipulator library, 24 knives, the tool exchange speed is high, stable and reliable; the tool change time is only 1.6 seconds (knife tool), saving non-cutting time;

11. X, Y and Z three shafts are AC servo motor and high-precision C3 pre-tension large lead ball screw, direct transmission, suitable for high-speed workpiece, high precision cutting;

12. The optional vertical and horizontal CNC turntable can complete all kinds of graduation work, indexing accuracy of 0.001 degrees, the realization of equal and unequal hole, groove and other continuous special surface processing;

13. High power and high head cooling pump, provide good cooling and chip for the workpiece;

14. The operation panel according to ergonomics scientific layout, comply with safety regulations, rotation design, easy operation; portable handheld remote-control unit of magnetic suction box, convenient tool setting, try cutting;

15. Using 32 bit high speed microprocessor FANUC system with high performance and high reliability, the tool path of dynamic color graphic display (optional function system), intelligent warning display, easy to use and maintain self-diagnosis function; multi segment reading is especially suitable for high speed and large capacity control program of mold processing and teaching demonstration; optional SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, foreign brands such as CNC system, as far as possible to meet the needs of different users and operating habits;

16. Key parts and precision machining center factory in the United States by Brown SHARP BROWN & SHARPE three coordinate measuring and Renishaw laser interferometer RENISHAW strict testing, to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the machine, ensure the geometric accuracy and precision.

II.        Machine configuration:

4 Axis CNC Milling Machine CNC Vertical Machining Center 

1. Base of machine tool (integral resin sand casting)

2. Fixed column (integral resin sand casting)

3. Spindle box (Taiwan producing short nose end direct spindle, spindle servo motor)

4. Worktable (integral resin sand casting)

5. Knife library

System type cam manipulator Library (Taiwan production, system type, 24)

6. Machine tool protection (top open, full protection)

7. Rail protection (X, Y stainless steel rail protection)

8. Roller linear guide (Swedish products)

9. Feed shaft (AC servo feed motor, Japan NSK screw bearing, Taiwan produced large lead precision ball screw)

10. CNC systems (FANUC 0i MFαi motor)

11. Lubrication system (Rihua oil lubrication pump machine)

12. Internal system (Taiwan pressure cylinder)

13. Cooling system (Taiwan cooling pump)

14. Handheld remote-control unit box (domestic hand, Japan encoder)

15. Fourth axis (NC turntable) (optional) (vertical and horizontal dual-use, Yantai or Taiwan products)

III.      Technical characteristics

1. Machine table:

Machine table area (mm): 1300 × 600

T-groove (mm): 18 × 5 × 120

Allowable load (kg): 1000

2. The spindle:

Spindle taper: ISO40

Spindle Taper Hole: BT40

Spindle motor power (kW): 7.5 / 11 (FANUC)

Spindle maximum speed (r / min): 12000

3. Ball screw (X / Y / Z axis): φ40 × 16mm

4. Itinerary:

Movement range X / Y / Z (mm): 1000 × 600 × 850

Distance from spindle to table (mm): 80-930

Spindle center to column rail distance (mm): 655

5. The feed axis:

X, Y, Z axis motor power (kW): 4

X, Y axis fast moving speed (m / min): 36

Z-axis rapid traverse speed (m / min): 32

Cutting feed rate (mm / min): 1-10000

6. Tool Magazine:

Knife capacity (to): 24 / cam robot

Maximum tool weight (kg): 8

Maximum tool size (mm): Φ80 × 250

7. Other:

Air flow (L / min): 250

Air pressure (Bar): 5-7

Machine gross weight (kg): 7500

Machine net weight (kg): 7000

Machine dimensions (mm): 3200 × 2750 × 3200

IV.     Machine accuracy

1. X, Y, Z axis positioning accuracy (mm): X: 0.016 Y: 0.014 Z: 0.014 (implementation of JB / T8771.4-1998 standard);

                         ± 0.008 / 300 (JISB6330 standard)

2. X, Y, Z axis repeat positioning accuracy (mm): X: 0.012 Y: 0.010 Z: 0.010 (implementation of JB / T8771.4-1998 standard);

                         ± 0.003 (JISB6330 standard)

3. Positive and negative difference (mm): X: 0.010 Y: 0.009 Z: 0.009

4. A axis indexing accuracy ("): 25

5. A-axis repeat positioning accuracy ("): 14

Note: 4,5 only when the purchase of the first four axes only

V.       Tools accessories with machine:

1. Adjust the support

2. Adjusting screw

3. Wood handle screwdriver

4. Double headed wrench

VI.     Technical documents with machine tool:

1. CNC system operation manual (Chinese)

2. CNC system maintenance manual (Chinese)

3. Instruction manual (mechanical part)

4. Manual (electrical parts and mechanical use manual binding together)

5. Electrical Atlas (binding with mechanical instructions)

6. Qualification manual (binding with mechanical instruction manual)

7. Packing list (binding with mechanical instruction manual)

8. Oil cooler operation instructions

9. CNC turntable instructions (optional)

10. Quick installation guide

 VII.   Standard configuration master motor power torque diagram 

VIII.  Select configuration

1. Electrical system (FANUC, 0i-mate, MD (beta I motor))

2. Wind gun

3. Water gun

4. Chip removal (spiral or chain)

5. Chip

6. Handle, pull nails, collet

7. Lock knife seat

8. Composite pressure plate

9. Four axes (made in China or Taiwan, with the maximum 320)

10. Automatic tool setting instrument (currently limited to FANUC)

11. Automatic processing blowing cooling

12. The main axis of the water

13. The CF card (only three imported system)

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