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Industrial Fresh Vegetable Fruits Cleaning Drying Processing Machinery Dry Dates Washing Machine

Potato/corn Fruit and vegetable cleaning drying and dewatering machine

 The main technical parameters and the relevant conditions and instructions:

No. Name Parameters and description

1 The power supply voltage 380V±10%     50HZ

2 The loading height 950mm from the ground

3 The conveyor belt conveying speed V=0.3~3m/min(Continuously adjustable)

4 The bearing capacity of conveyor belt ≥200kg/m²

5 Size of inlet and outlet of cleaning machine W:1000mm, H: 200mm

6 Cleaning pressure, rinsing pressure P=30Kpa

7 Cleaning and rinsing flow Approx.  30m³/h

8 Cleaning and rinsing tank volume Approx. 2m³

9 Electric power of cleaning and rinsing liquid 24KW(Optional)

10 Cleaning and rinsing tank temperature Room temperature to 80℃, temperature digital display, automatic adjustable

11 The cleaning liquid filtration accuracy The first level≤1.2mm; second level ≤0 .8mm

12 The rinsing liquid filtration accuracy The first level ≤1.2m; second level≤0.8mm

13 Cleaning and rinsing pump power Each 10kw, total power 10×5=50kw

14 High pressure air consumption Q=2.0 m³/min power: 7.5kw

15 Hot air volume NO

16 Hot air temperature NO

17 Fog exhaust fan flow Q=0.5m³/min

18 The whole power N≤60kw(Not including heating)

19 The size of the equipment (the host) Approximately L16m×W1.6m×H1.4m(Including feeding and unloading)

Product Description:

 Vegetable Fruits Cleaning Drying Processing Machinery Dry Dates Washing equipment, is a machine mainly used for cleaning vegetables. Is Critical to the quality of processed fruits and vegetables. Products through cleaning, can remove surface dirt, microorganisms and pesticide residues. Working principle: This equipment is made of high quality stainless steel. And the use of belt scraper mesh belt or belt, effective guarantee product cleaning process output, equipment running smoothly, high cleaning output, easy to operate, using adjustable speed operation. At the same time, bubble wave high pressure spray cleaning, more efficient cleaning product stains and pesticide residues. This equipment needs to be made to order according to the request. Adapt to products mainly for vegetables, fruits and other spray cleaning machine body made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, in line with national food export standards. The cleaning machine uses high pressure spray cleaning, cleaning capacity, high cleaning rate and does not damage materials, especially suitable for delicate fruits and vegetables, impurities, difficult to remove food cleaning, it can be used with sieve plate and net belt type cleaning machine. It is suitable for cleaning, removing impurities and conveying of stem vegetables, fruits and Chinese herbs. It replaces heavy physical labor and realizes mechanization of agricultural products

Main features:

Air bubble cleaning machine is mainly through the bubbling, surfing and spray three cleaning method, make the fruit washed.

The characteristics of the cleaner and more thoroughly. Air bubble cleaning machine made by the stainless steel material, with high pressure fan, high pressure water impact, vegetable soak, clean, desalting effect.Air bubble cleaning machine is suitable for all kinds of vegetables such as potatoes, spinach and wash fruits such as strawberry, apple, desalination, to pesticide residues

Metal cleaning and drying furnace integrated machine cleaning and drying machine

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