Why Should You Buy a Coil Slitting Machine?

  • Wednesday, 21 July 2021
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Why Should You Buy a Coil Slitting Machine?

Steel coil slitting machine is a type of mechanical equipment for linear cutting of sheet metal bandwidth of various sizes. For thin sheet materials: like strip steel, corrugated steel, cornered steel, fiberglass, and foil, most commonly used in steel manufacturing factory (steel producing factory, steel roll manufacturing factory, steel forging factory, automotive, stamping parts manufacturing, aerospace, automotive parts production, aerospace construction and design, and others). The process of cutting this thin sheet is done by welding in heat treating. The welding process generates high temperature that melts the material and the welding process itself generates mechanical force that cut the material with consumable sharp blades. To weld the metal, gas welding is used instead of sparks, and temperature controlled atmosphere is created by using gas welding techniques.

One important aspect of this type of machine is that it is necessary to treat the work piece prior to welding it. Normally, this happens in the case of strip steel coil slitting machines. A thin slice of the metal is prepared by welding in the heat treating tank. This is followed by removing the corrugated piece of the metal from the tank. The corrugated strip then gets welded at the work point.

The main benefit of using this type of machine is its ability to perform the corrugation cutting in faster rate. It also helps in reducing wastage in terms of energy. Due to this reason; number of coating operations is reduced considerably. To provide the best results it is important that both the shear zone and the slit coil should be fed at the same time.

Another important benefit of using this type of machine is that it provides for the best results even if the wire sizes are smaller than the required size. For example, it can be used for making the steel coil slitting line. This is possible because the wire feeders can be adjusted to allow the wire to roll through at a speed as high as the requirements. If you make use of small wire sizes then you will have to sacrifice the overall efficiency of the roll forming cutter. To ensure that the slitter blade does not get stuck anywhere then the steel coil slitting machine comes handy.

In order to have a good result in the level of shear quality, the shear quality should be just the right one. It is important that you consider both the flat and the curved cuts and their characteristics when using this machine. For this, you should consider the feed rates, the knife width and also the coil width. To achieve better results you should always feed the shear lines from the left to right direction and use a smaller knife width for the coil lines.

The last benefit that you get with the steel coil slitting machine is that you do not need any overlaps between the strips as this is impossible with other types of shearing. With the overlapping amount shear machine, there are chances that you might get a thin layer of metal around the edge of the coil. The knife will be able to easily pierce through this layer and this can cause damage to the steel coil. With the steel coil shears you will find that the shear material is very thin and you do not have to worry about this happening.

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