Understand the Basic Structural Features of Coil Steel

  • Monday, 29 November 2021
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Understand the Basic Structural Features of Coil Steel

Cold rolled steel coil is known as RGY.cold rolled hot rolled steel coil steel slitting machine The cold rolled steel coil is formed from a single piece of cold rolled steel that is cut into thin strips of around 0.5mm thickness. These strips are then stacked on a cold roll forming machine to form the thin layers of the coil. The resulting cold rolled coil is then fed into the cutting and shaping machinery for cutting and shaping the required thickness of the metal by way of heat.

cold rolled hot rolled steel coil steel slitting machine

Most of the cold rolled coil steel coil manufacturers provide this type of cutting and shaping process at their main facility or at their press plant.cold rolled hot rolled steel coil steel slitting machine There are also many small local coil manufacturing companies that make up a significant percentage of the market share. This type of coil manufacturing and turning is done with the use of high pressure and high temperature machines. A single cold rolled coil of any desired size can be made of more than about 0.35 mm thickness depending on the manufacturer's requirement. The size of the coil depends upon the type of equipment needed for the procedure as well as on the process to be carried out.

The basic usage of this type of equipment is to cut and shape coils to sizes as small as 0.35 mm to various dimensions as large as 3 inches for pipes and tubing, for rebar and plates etc. They can be used for the making of pipes, tubes, plates and rebar which are normally manufactured in length. They can also be used to cut other materials like coated steel and sheet metal for manufacture of hardware components like handles, hinges, screws and bolts.

Cold rolled steel coil cutting machines are generally run by electric or hydraulic power. Hydraulic cutting and shaping equipment is generally used for short cuts that do not require the use of manual power. Electric coil cutting machinery is normally used when the coil diameter requires a higher setting than that of the coil's length to attain the desired shape. There are also some coil shaping machines that are powered electrically but they work only on larger diameters.

This process of cold cutting of coils is called cold roll forming. It is one of the most commonly practiced cold forming operations in steel and other industries. Cold cut work is used to cut rolled shapes from steel using the cold process of heating and pressing the material to yield a thin layer of steel. The other names that are commonly used for cold rolled cut work are hot cut and hot dip.

The cold rolled coil is also known as cold rolled sheet steel. The term 'cold rolled' refers to the process of pressing or heating the sheet of steel to yield a thin layer of metal and not the hot pressing that is done with hot rolled sheets. To perform the cold rolled cutting operation the coils must be heated to a temperature below the melt point of the steel and a cooling constant should be maintained. This should be done without interrupting the operation. For thin sheets, several passes of the operation may be required. For large sized coils, several passes of the operation may be required as per the required diameter of the coil.

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