GI Coil Slitting Machine With Cheap Price Steel Plate

  • Wednesday, 29 December 2021
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GI Coil Slitting Machine With Cheap Price Steel Plate

The GI coil slitting machine is an important piece of steel manufacturing equipment.q235 steel coil slitting machine with cheap price steel plate gi coil slitting machine It can cut a wide range of materials, including GI, PPGI, ST37, and ST52. The maximum width of this slitting machine is 1600mm, and its maximum weight is 30000kg. Its basic components include a slitting machine, a pincher, and a slitter motor.

The slitting machine can slit a variety of materials, including GI, PPGI, and HRC. Its maximum coil diameter is Ph508mm, and its width is up to 1300mm. It has an internal and external diameter of Ph1800mm, and a 75KW DC motor. The recoiler motor has a 90KW DC motor and a large shaft with a forged aluminum housing. The slitting speed is approximately 100m per minute.

GI coil slitting machine is a multipurpose machine for slitting GI, PPGI, and HRC steel plates. Its outer diameter can range from 150mm to 1500mm, and its thickness can be 0.3-2mm. The slitter motor is a 75KW DC motor, and the slitter's shaft is F220x1650mm, with an inner and outer diameter of 1800mm. The slitter is powered by a 90KW DC motor, which controls the recoiler block. The slitter has a maximum speed of 100m/min.

GI slitting machine is made of steel material and features a high-end stainless steel production line. Its slitting machine is compatible with GI and PPGI. Its slitting speed is 100m/min. Its slitting speed is adjustable and can be controlled by a manual or by a controller. The slitter is powered by a 75KW DC motor.

The price is flexible and can be customized according to your requirements. In addition, GI and PPGI are a great choice for roofing and siding projects. This slitting machine is the ideal solution for your steel needs. With a low price and flexible specifications, it can be used for a variety of applications. Its design can be easily adapted to any size.

GI and PPGI slitting machines are designed for processing GI and PPGI, Q235 steel, and HRC. During this process, the GI and PPGI steel sheets are slitted to ensure high-quality and consistent results. These machines are also highly efficient in slitting sheet metal, slitting rebar, and cutting slitting.

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