Crucible Furnace From China - A Leading Supplier For Aluminum Melting

  • Monday, 27 December 2021
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Crucible Furnace From China - A Leading Supplier For Aluminum Melting

The ANDRITZ Company has recently been awarded a major order from Zouping Hongfa Aluminium Science Technology Co.leading supplier for aluminum melting crucible furnace from china , Ltd., a subsidiary of the Weiqiao Aluminum Group. The order is for a furnace cell, the largest of its kind in China. The company will supply all engineering and manufacturing services for the new furnace cell. The equipment will use the latest technologies and will be environmentally friendly.

The crucible furnace is a multi-functional piece of equipment, which has a variety of applications.leading supplier for aluminum melting crucible furnace from china The silcarb range is ideal for melts of non-ferrous metals. It is equipped with a silicon carbide heater, which is a highly efficient and energy-efficient material. It is possible to purchase the heating unit separately and install it on-site in your facility.

The ECO series of furnaces is designed to melt at 1100 degrees Celsius and is front-loaded. The SNOL 13/1100 LED focuses on the analysis of combustion loss by weighing the materials during the process. The SC 8 laboratory melting furnace was specially designed for the melting of glass in the laboratory. Inductive melts are also available from Inductotherm. The VSG series is an advanced solution for inductive melting.

The Inductive Stirring system is the most advanced and sophisticated way to ensure the most uniform mix of materials. Using this system, the bath is heated to a temperature of 1,400 degC. The SNOL 13/1100 LED is equipped with a balance system that allows the operator to weigh the materials as they melt. The SC 8 laboratory melting furnace is designed specifically for the melting of glass in the laboratory. The VSG furnace is the best solution for inductive melting and casting.

Auxiliary heating systems are also available for aluminum melting. The silcarb crucible furnace is the most advanced method of heating aluminum in a laboratory. It can be either electric or gas-fired. The silcarb crucible type of crucible furnaces are versatile and can melt any nonferrous metal. The hot bath will increase the level of productivity in a laboratory.

Induction heating systems are another important aspect of aluminum melting furnaces. Moreover, the aluminum melts at relatively low temperatures, which makes it an ideal choice for inductive heating systems. The heat generated by an inductive system will reduce the temperature of the metal and keep it at a safe level for the workers. The induction system will also make the aluminum melting process faster. Inductive heating is an excellent way to melt aluminum in a laboratory.

The INDUCTOTHERM is an industry-leading supplier of aluminum melting furnaces. The company provides industry-standard equipment for both small- and large-scale melt shops. Among the HORN furnaces, the HORN eddy current crucible has the highest energy-efficiency, requiring only two thirds of the energy used by a conventional casting ladle. Apart from this, it offers consistent dosing cycles, allowing for efficient operation with minimum scrap rates.

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