Automatic Conveyor Sand Blasting Machine For Metal Glass Product Surface

Automatic Conveyor Sand Blasting Machine For Metal Glass Product Surface

  • Tuesday, 04 January 2022
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Automatic Conveyor Sand Blasting Machine For Metal Glass Product Surface

The best automatic conveyor sand blasting machine is capable of achieving the most accurate and consistent finish for metal, glass, and plastic products.automatic conveyor sand blasting machine blaster blasting machine for metal glass product surface treatment This machine has a full carbon steel structure and is equipped with a rubber wear-resistant liner. This will prevent the abrasive from damaging the product and also improve its service life. A high-efficiency separator is a standard feature of this type of sand blasting equipment. Using it will ensure the highest efficiency and longevity of the blasting media. Its integrated dust-collection system will keep the air pollution from flying into the work environment and posing health hazards to the operators.

The blast wheel is designed with special impeller structures and a wearable rubber bottom. It uses 40-cr material and has a balance detection system. The key machining parts are done by CNC centers, while the runner wheel is equipped with a protective liner. This machine will leave a perfectly smooth and flawless surface. It is easy to use and transport and will improve the quality of your finished product.

The wheel is made of special material and uses centrifugal force to create a sand-blasting solution. The runner wheel uses a 40-cr material and undergoes a balance detection process. The machine is equipped with a CNC center for the critical machining parts. With its innovative technology, this machine is able to deliver the best results with the least amount of investment.

The nozzle has a double disc and eight leaves. A motor spindle drives the points. A guard board is installed inside the hood. The hood has a guard board. The casing is mounted in the tube. The synchronized rotating blades create the velocity of the projectile as it flies out of the window. The nozzle ensures that the projectile is oriented correctly to clean up the work piece.

A high-quality sand blasting machine should offer good abrasive removal. Abrasives should be compatible with the surface. They should not damage the product. It is important to choose the correct sandblasting media. Abrasive particles that are too dense will damage the product. Alternatively, glass beads are a gentler abrasive.

In addition to the rotary blaster, an automatic conveyor sandblasting machine should be fitted with a rail conveyor. This will ensure that the sand is evenly spread throughout the entire working area. It should also be durable enough to last for several years. If the job requires a large amount of time, an automated sandblaster can be fitted with a continuous sand supply.

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