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Automatic conveyor sandblasting machine

Automatic glass sandblasting machine for Sandblasting Glass

Automatic Pass-through Conveyor Belt Sandblasting Machine

This automatic sandblasting machine is recommended for operating flat type workpiece lik ceramic tile,glass plate,phone shell,notebook mainboard,decorative pieces,aluminum profiles,etc.Automatic conveyring and blasting greatly improve production.


1. Automatic conveyor conveying and automatic blasting with sandblasting achieve high productivity and automation, reducing labor costs 2. Batch processing improves the quality consistency of parts and avoids uneven long-lasting effects, color differences and quality problems 3. The blasting medium can be reused multiple times to save costs, which is a significant advantage of blasting 4. Equipped with a cylindrical dust collector, which effectively protects the environment and the health of sandblasting workers.

I.   Application

According to the characteristics of products which the customers with specially designed belt conveyor automatic sandblasting machine, sandblasting surface is used for cookware utensils and appliances, can remove combination, flow lines and die marks,etc; Otherwise it can satisfy deburring, oxide skin, surface finishing, electroplating or spray pretreatment and other technical requirements.


II.  Structural adjustment and adjustment installation

This machine is a high-performance V-belt conveyor sandblasting cleaning equipment, in the process of cleaning by motor drive worm gear and worm reducer, Towing V-belt conveyor system to the work piece to clean room, and spraying by a all-around of 12 guns, making their oxidation scales and dust’s away quickly, obtaining with certain roughness of the bright surface, at the same time work piece is suffered from strong impact, eliminated the stress of work piece, to avoid deformation. During the cleaning process, falling mixture of dust scattered is collected directly by the set of sand bucket, by the dust removal fan suck in suction separator, after the dust separator was separatedabrasive sand goes to the storage tankdust is driven by fans, through the air duct pipe system, and with filters precipitator dust, efficiency can reach 99%, after purification, the air emissions into the air.


This device has the following several parts: Sandblasting main engine, Belt conveyor system, Segregator, Dust removal system, Electrical Control System.


1. Sandblasting main engine

(1) Structure principle

The master consists of three parts cleaning room, inlet room, and discharge room.

AClean room is installed 12 spray guns, this space structure is passed CAD test and actual verification, can achieve best to clean up the work piece.

BCleaning room is semi-enclosed, equipped with steel and rubber curtain shield to prevent abrasive flying, while room has some negative pressure to prevent the escape of dust.

CCleaning room is equipped with rubber inside body, protect the chamber wall plate from wear and tear, extending the service life; In the cleaning of cone set sand bucket is equipped with the network, to block sundries, protect the nozzle, easy to repair.


(2) Adjust the application and maintenance

ACleaning room protection room and package cast nuts are wearing parts. Must check the degree of wear and change in time, pay attention to install guard plates lap joint, to prevent damage to the wall and endanger safety.

BCleaning room rubber curtain are wearing parts should be replaced if damaged.

CMust cut off the power for maintenance, listing alerts, non-powered operation, and offenders will be could endanger life safety.


2. Automatic Pass-through Conveyor Belt Sandblasting Machine

A.Control object

1Dust removal fan      7.5kw       1set

2Conveyor motor       1.5kw       1set

3Spray gun swing motor  0.4kw      1set

4Headlamp              9w       2pcs

5Electromagnetic valve              12pcs


B.    Monitoring and instructions

1. Motor normal operation and stopgreen and red light indicates

2. Transmission, spray gun swing speeds adjust respectively by two inverter instructions.

C.    The main electrical interlock

1. Gun with door interlock, two doors must be closed on the host, then the gun to start.

D.    Electrical operating instructions

1. Close the main power switch, power on, power bright lights;

2. Adjusting the spray gun pressure, manual/automatic switch, move automatically after the start, follow these steps in turn:


Dust removal systemBelt conveyor systemSpray gun swingSpray gun start 

After the work piece is finished, click Close in the following turns: 

Spray gun stop→Swing stop→Conveyor belt Stop→Dust removal system stop  

For details, please follow our engineer to install operation guide, this sequence of operations described only a brief introduction, for reference only.


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