Automatic Consecutive Turntable Sandblasting Machine YZ—1921—12X- with factory priceTianfuchenglai-4

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Automatic Consecutive Turntable Sandblasting Machine

Automatic Consecutive Turntable Sandblasting Machine YZ—1921—12X

Equipment supply list:

          I.              Main parts of sandblasting machine, 1 set

1. Sandblasting cabin body, 1 set

2. Protective rubber sheet, 1 group

3. Lights, 2 sets

4. Sandblast tank access door, 4 pieces

5. Belt tensioning mechanism, 1 set 

6. Belt tension adjustment, 1 set

7. Filter sieve, 2 pieces

8. The big/small turntable mechanism, 1set

9. Gun swing mechanism V-type spray gun 12 pieces, 1 set

10. Surface blowing air gun, 1group 

        II.              Cyclone Separator1 item 

1. Regulator, 1 piece

2. Sand back tube, 1 set 

3. Separator assembly, 1 set


      III.              Dust box, 1 set 

1. Dust box body, 1 set

2. Cloth bag, 64 pieces

3. Pneumatic cleaning valves, 1set

4. Dust removal machine, 1 set

5. Dust - collecting bucket 1 set

          I.              Electric, gas control system

1. Electric control box   Contains control elements 1 set

2. Control panel    1 set

3. Sub-cylinder     1 set

Automatic Consecutive Turntable Sandblasting Machine YZ—1921—12X- with factory priceTianfuchenglai-4 Hot sell Automatic Consecutive Turntable Sandblasting Machine metal products surface sandblasting machine-Tianfuchenglai 

Schedule (main technical parameters)

Equipment Name: 1921-12 automatic turntable sandblasting machine

Power requirements: voltage 380V frequency 50-60HZ

Machine size: 1900mm (length) × 2100mm (width) × 2800mm (height)

Environmental requirements: ≤ 85 dB noise (db), emissions 1.0mg / m

Sandblasting area size: 1500mm (length) × 800mm (width) × 850mm (high)

The largest work piece processing Dimension: Φ450X250mm

Scope: metal or non-metallic work piece surface cleaning and processing

Maximum load capacity: 20kg (small turntable)

Maximum load: 240kg (large turntable)

The size of the work piece access door: diameter φ400mm, height 450mm;

Work piece sandblasting work piece spacing distance: 60-80 mm

Nozzle size: diameter 8mm (boron carbide) turntable: ¢ 360mm

Sandblasting pressure: adjustable gun: aluminum alloy

Number of spray guns: 1 pc

Blasting tube: diameter 22mm air tube: 1.5

Pressure adjustment range: 0.2-0.8 (par) Air pressure stability: adjustable

Centrifugal fan: 7.5kw

Lighting and control system: 13Wx2 (energy-saving lamp explosion-proof type).

Large turntable drive motor: 1 set 1 • 1kw

Small turntable drive motor: 1 set 0.75kw

Gun swing drive motor: 1 set 0.75kw

Air consumption: 1m³ / min / each gun (when the pressure is 0.6Mpa)

Sandblasting efficiency: the actual efficiency needs to be based on specific parts and process requirements

Transmission: large turntable rotation, small turntable rotation

Rust grades: Sa2.5 ~ Sa3 (GB8923-1988)

24-280 # corundum abrasives (use other types of abrasive should pay attention to adjust the configuration)

Abrasive recovery method: pneumatic recycling Cyclone separation cycle

Cabin protection: the use of polyurethane board protection

Back to the sand tube: wear-resistant hose, flexible connection, easy to install

Sandblasting cabin with external manual blowing dust gun 1, mainly used for debugging, maintenance

Staffing: 1 person (with 1 person)

Installed power: about 11Kw (not including the required air compressor power)


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