Steel metal hardware Automatic conveyor sandblasting machine with factory price-Tianfuchenglai-3-11

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Steel hardware metal part surface cleaning sandblasting machine

Conveying Pass Through Shot Blasting Sandblasting Machine 

I.      Application

According to the characteristics of products which the customers with specially designed belt conveyor automatic sandblasting machine, sandblasting surface is used for cookware utensils and appliances, can remove combination, flow lines and die marks,etc; Otherwise it can satisfy deburring, oxide skin, surface finishing, electroplating or spray pretreatment and other technical requirements.

II.    The main technical parameters

1. Cleaning products

1Width    1150mm

2Height    250mm

3Length    2000mm


2. Conveyor system

1Working speed    0.3-5m/minFrequency adjustment

2Power    1.5kw×1set

3Speed ratio   1100

4Transmission v belt  B-Type6600mm*L


3. Spray gun

1Model  DS-B                  2Abrasive shot speed  75-100m/s

3Nozzle diameter  φ8mm*80     4Pressure  3-8barr

5Number of guns 12pcs     6Swing speed 10-94times(Frequency adjustment)

 (7) Power  400W               8Speed ratio     1:15


4. Segregator

(1) Separation volume    5t/h     (2) Separation zone wind speed    4-5m/s


5. Dust removal system1Set

(1) Dust collector

aModel 1212-4   

bAir volume 2504m3/h

cCore φ320*660


(2) Centrifugal fan

aModel 9-19TypeA type transmission        bAir volume 2504m3/h

cWind pressure of work 4112MPa              dPower 7.5kw


6. Full engine power: 11kw


7. Total air rate volume 2504m3/h


8. Overall machine dimension

(1) Max overall dimension: 4100mm×1600mm×3100mm


III.  Structural adjustment and adjustment installation

This machine is a high-performance V-belt conveyor sandblasting cleaning equipment, in the process of cleaning by motor drive worm gear and worm reducer, Towing V-belt conveyor system to the work piece to clean room, and spraying by a all-around of 12 guns, making their oxidation scales and dust’s away quickly, obtaining with certain roughness of the bright surface, at the same time work piece is suffered from strong impact, eliminated the stress of work piece, to avoid deformation. During the cleaning process, falling mixture of dust scattered is collected directly by the set of sand bucket, by the dust removal fan suck in suction separator, after the dust separator was separatedabrasive sand goes to the storage tankdust is driven by fans, through the air duct pipe system, and with filters precipitator dust, efficiency can reach 99%, after purification, the air emissions into the air.


This device has the following several parts: Sandblasting main engine, Belt conveyor system, Segregator, Dust removal system, Electrical Control System.

Conveying Pass Through Shot Blasting Sandblasting Machine 

1. Sandblasting main engine

(1) Structure principle

The master consists of three parts cleaning room, inlet room, and discharge room.

AClean room is installed 12 spray guns, this space structure is passed CAD test and actual verification, can achieve best to clean up the work piece.

BCleaning room is semi-enclosed, equipped with steel and rubber curtain shield to prevent abrasive flying, while room has some negative pressure to prevent the escape of dust.

CCleaning room is equipped with rubber inside body, protect the chamber wall plate from wear and tear, extending the service life; In the cleaning of cone set sand bucket is equipped with the network, to block sundries, protect the nozzle, easy to repair.


(2) Adjust the application and maintenance

ACleaning room protection room and package cast nuts are wearing parts. Must check the degree of wear and change in time, pay attention to install guard plates lap joint, to prevent damage to the wall and endanger safety.

BCleaning room rubber curtain are wearing parts should be replaced if damaged.

CMust cut off the power for maintenance, listing alerts, non-powered operation, and offenders will be could endanger life safety.


2. Belt conveyor system

1Structure principle

The conveying system consists of v belt, master-slave shaft, cycloid reducer and three-phase asynchronous motor, the system is stable and running speed can be controlled by the frequency converter.

2Adjustment and application

According to the work piece cleaning efficiency, adjust the speed of the conveyor system; from low speed to high speed slowly adjust, in order to achieve high quality cleaning efficiency and good economic performance.

3. Separator

1Structure principle

The separator is a cyclone dust mixture was inhaled by back sand tube to the sand separator, by sharing in formation of the cyclone, the walls of the abrasive to jilt to the separator after free fall into the recycling in the store sandbox, dust is inhalation of dust removal system, pure gases into the air after purification treatment, become trapped particles of dust collection.

2Adjustment and application

AThe above screw on regulator separator to change the starting position within the cyclone separator to obtain optimum separation.

BSeparator outlet pipe connection with dust removal system, guarantee the dust into the dust collection box.

4. Dust removal system

1Structure principle

Filter dust collector contains High efficiency filterBack flushing filters bodyCentrifugal fansDust hopperEngine bodyAir hoseair duct elbow.

AThe body by 3 mm high quality low carbon steel plate welded together, both inside and outside surface spray treatment.

Overall Size1200×1200×2000(mm).

BHigh efficiency filterφ320×660total 4 pcs. It is for dust removal process, purification effect accord with national environmental standardsIt is made of 100% polyester fiber material, the thickness of 0.7 mm, 10 um porosity, gas resistance 2.98 mbar (guarantee for 40 cm/s air velocity, the pressure needed to 2.98 mm water column), heat resistance capacity of up to 130 degrees.

CCentrifugal fan type 9-19, A-transmission, power: 7.5 KW, speed:2900R/min

DBack flushing filters body contains the air tank, pulse electromagnetic valve, pipe and other components.

EDust hopper is welded 3mm high quality low carbon steel plate, the surface paint treatment. Overall Size400×400×300(mm).

FAir hose is jointed with PVC pipes.

GCleaning method: vibrating pulse cleaning.

2Adjustment and application

 Vibration pulse cleaning time can be adjusted by pulse controller.


IV.  Electrical system

A.    General technical requirements

1. Outline

The main circuit adopts the 380V electric equipment, control circuit use the 220Vin order to facilitate the operation and maintenance, the electrical equipment is installed in the centralized control box, controls the motors and solenoid valve opening stop.


2. Control object

1Dust removal fan      7.5kw       1set

2Conveyor motor       1.5kw       1set

3Spray gun swing motor  0.4kw      1set

4Headlamp              9w       2pcs

5Electromagnetic valve              12pcs


B.    Monitoring and instructions

1. Motor normal operation and stopgreen and red light indicates

2. Transmission, spray gun swing speeds adjust respectively by two inverter instructions.

C.    The main electrical interlock

1. Gun with door interlock, two doors must be closed on the host, then the gun to start.

D.    Electrical operating instructions

1. Close the main power switch, power on, power bright lights;

2. Adjusting the spray gun pressure, manual/automatic switch, move automatically after the start, follow these steps in turn:


Dust removal systemBelt conveyor systemSpray gun swingSpray gun start


After the work piece is finished, click Close in the following turns:


Spray gun stop→Swing stop→Conveyor belt Stop→Dust removal system stop  


For details, please follow our engineer to install operation guide, this sequence of operations described only a brief introduction, for reference only.


V.    Installation

In order to easy for transportation, it will be shipped by Packet transport, When the user installation, depends on the situation to do adjustment.

VI.  Operating procedures

Inspection for machine equipment before working: Checking the spray gun nozzle, sand tubes, protective rubber wear circumstances before the operation, if found that situation should be promptly reported to be replaced. Before starting the machine to make sure main engine two doors are closed. Operation processes, check electrical instructions.

VII.Maintenance, security and troubleshooting

1. Care and maintenance

AThe machine should be checked regularly, pay attention to maintenance and regular cleaning.

BWhen servicing are strictly prohibited to left tools, screws and other debris in the machine.

CWhen the machine is in operation separator, filter regularly remove waste, ensure the normal operation.

2. Check the operation of the machine before and after

A Before the operation, check the spray guns, sand tubes, rubber curtains and other wearing parts circumstances, pay attention to the timely replacement.

BCheck all the moving parts, bolted joints loose or not, if loose should be tightened in time.

CCheck whether have debris falling into the machine, if have should be cleared in time to prevent blocking.

DTo operate correctly in accordance with electrical codes.

3. Operation inspection

Operation should always check the cleaning quality of the work piece, adjust the angle of spray gun and the work piece conveying speed if necessary.


4. Security

ANon-operating and maintenance personnel can not operate.

BShould be cut off power supply, maintenance and hang warning mark in the eye-catching place.

CRubber curtains and dust collector to avoid fire.

DDuring operation of the machine, protective cover and others must be installed securely.

EWhen power outage occurs, to cut off the electrical power supply.


Steel metal hardware Automatic conveyor sandblasting machine with factory price-Tianfuchenglai-3-11 Steel hardware metal part surface cleaning sandblasting machine-Tianfuchenglai

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