Company profile

Tianjin Tian Fu Cheng Lai Technology Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in machine, electrical products and electronic products. Our company is registered in 2016, located in Tianjin, China with fast and convenient shipping service. We are mainly provided machinery business and services all over the world. We insist on principle of "quality first, reputation first”, provide customers with quality and quantity of various types of products.
Our main products and services:
Machinery equipment:
1. Printing and packaging machine and whole production line,such as automatic labeling machine, filling machine,paper straw, paper tube and paper cup making machine; UV printer, high speed flexible printing machine, sharp and square bottom paper bag  making machine, paper box making machine, V-slot  cardboard machine and other processing machine.
2. Die casting machine(LK Group,LR brand new and second hand from 120 ton to 3000ton cold chamber die casting machine), silicon carbide graphite crucible,resistance furnace by gas or electric or diesel,induction furnace, robot arm, automatic pass through type sandblasting machine, automatic continuous rotary sandblasting machine, manual sandblaster and others.
3. Cleaning and drying equipment: Ultrasonic wave cleaning and drying machine line, reverse osmosis pure water machine 250L to 1000L, high pressure spray cleaning and drying machine line; high temperature metal coating curing oven for aluminum cookware, furniture also widely use for fruit, nuts, vegetable and so on.
4. Automatic steel coil plate slitting machine line for 0.2mm to1.8mm thickness. Aluminum copper wire welding machine, shearing machine, PPGI, Galvanized tile press forming machine, four column hydraulic machine and others.
5. Egg tray production line, ABS PE PVC bottle scrap recycled line include crusher, cleaning, drying machine. Plastic injection molding machine( new and used with HAITIAN,JSW brand), ice cream and yogurt, milk cooling and pasteurization equipment;rum wine, press machine, fermentation tank, distilling tanks; tomato sauce cleaning and drying machine, mincing machine  and filling packaging machine.
Our advantages are offering competitive price and technology support and help you to solve shipping problems, no matter you want to purchase from China or sell to China, we can also provide assistance.