4×8 Egg Tray Production machine Line with single-layer dryer with factory price-Tianfuchenglai-73-1

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4×8 Egg Tray Production machine Line with single-layer dryer

Egg Tray Production Line 5000pcs/6000pcs/hour

 4×8 Egg Tray Production machine Line with single-layer dryer with factory price-Tianfuchenglai-73-1  4×8 Egg Tray Production Line with single-layer dryer-Tianfuchenglai-73-1

Molding System

Automatic machine

weigh:3200kg 4×8 1set 110v-460v

50Hz 60Hz

3kw Voltage

Dimension —— 3.6m×2.3m×2m

Operating speed —— 15-28 times/minute

Template size 8pcs 1.47m×0.47m

Forming mold 32pcs HK-26

Transfer mold 4pcs HK-26+


Proximity switch 3   +2 LJ18A3-8-J/EZ 90-250vac 50Hz

Electromagnetic valve 3 25w-250-20     220v 50Hz

Rubber hose 0.3m 3cm 1.2m 3cm

Globe valve 1 DN-25 1 DN-32

Control cabinet 1 JDIA-40

Air compressor

weight:290kg 1m³ 1 11kw 380v 50Hz

Dimension 1 1.5m×0.7m×1m

High pressure pipe 9m ZT-0.6Y1

Vacuum pump

weight:1800kg ZKB-15 2set 22kw380v 50Hz

                                               18kw380v 50Hz

Dimension —— (1.5m×0.8m×0.8m) ×2

Angular belting 6 B2438

Water outlet 1 3m

Vacuum piping 5m ZT-90

Vacuum tank 1 ZT-FYB2

Dimension —— 2.4m×1m

Piping 12m ZT-165

Angle fitting 8pc ZT-160


weight:137kg 65-60-165 1pc 7.5KW380V50HZ

Dimension —— 0.9m×0.25m×0.45m

Vacuum piping 7m ZT-60

Mold cleaning machine

weight:45kg QL-580 1set 3kw380v50Hz

Dimension —— 0.1×0.56×0.56

Pulping System

Hydraulic pulper


ZT-SL3.5 1set 22kw380v50Hz

Dimension —— 2.3m×2.6m×2.3m

Butterfly valve 1 DS-250

Angular belting 4 B-2690

Pulp pump

weight:300Kg WQK25-10 2 3kw380v50Hz

Dimension —— 0.9m×0.3m×0.3m

Pulp piping 4m ZT-75

Pulp conveying pipe 5m ZT-90-1

Pulp pond beater

weight:300kg ZT-80 3 1.5KW380V50HZ

Dimension —— 0.8m×0.35m

Sewage pump

weight:40kg WS-1.5 1 1.5kw220v50Hz

Overall dimension —— 0.38m×0.24m×0.24m

Piping 8m ZT-50

Drying methods (Metal single-layer dryer)

Drying system

Weight:16000KG ZT-HGZ55 1 25kw380v50Hz

Dimension —— 55m×2.2m×1.6m

Firebox 1 ZT-2-1.5

Metal conveyor belt 125m ZT-JSW1500

fan 2 ZT-JSFJ36

induced draft fan 2 ZT-JSYF30

Insulation board 290m² ZT-JSBW 10MM

Drive 1 ZT-JSQD310

LPG combustion machine 1 ZT-120

Electronic control system 1 ZT-HGKZ30

Packing machine

Weight:100kg 1set 1.1kw

Production line: 

1.Capacity: 5000 pieces/hour (For thirty cell egg tray)

2.Production line Overall dimension: length≥57m, width≥15m, workshop: length≥60m, width≥15m, height≥3.5m, the finished products room must be greater or equal to 200m² 3. Production line total power: 125kw (effect is total power 70%) 4. Production line worker total 5 persons. 5. This production line is configured by 30-eggs tray as standard, if it is used to produce egg carton, fruit tray, coffee tray, etc., it needs auxiliary equipment, like hot press machine, sticker, or printing machine etc. Corresponding area, total power, worker quantity must be increased. 6. The water is recycled, but because it was waste water from beginning, it became dirty when it recycled several times, it needs to be changed. For water lacked area, it can install sewage disposal system for saving water cost. 7. The main supporting equipment of this production line is international brand, reliable quality, comparing to the others products, high-efficiency &saving-energy is our company feature. 8. Our company is in charge of installation, debugging and training, we also guarantee this production line for free within one year.

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