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Description1500L-Reverse osmosis pure water treatment waster water treatment machine equipment

1500L-Reverse osmosis pure water machine waster water treatment machine equipment

The cleaning machine is widely used in the electronics industry, optical industry, nuclear power industry, automotive industry, electroplating industry, ion coating industry, clock industry, chemical fiber industry, mechanical hardware industry, medical industry, jewelry industry, color tube industry, bearing industry and other fields.The ultrasonic cleaning machine produced by our company has been recognized and praised by users.Among the many typical users, Shaanxi Xianyang Rainbow Group Company, Guangdong Forte Color Picture Tube Co., Ltd. (cleaning picture tube parts), Zhongnan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (cleaning optical glass), Yunnan Optical Instrument Factory (cleaning optical glass), China-Japan Joint venture Rainbow Yingguang Company (cleaning electron gun parts), US-owned Kangshunguang Communication Co., Ltd. (cleaning chips), Taiwanese Yuanermei Jewelry Factory (cleaning jewellery), Wuxi Little Swan Co., Ltd. (cleaning circuit boards), Japanese sole proprietorship It is widely used by large manufacturers such as Toko (to clean optical glass) and Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station (to clean the piston of the unit).

1500L-Reverse osmosis pure water machine waster water treatment machine equipment

Pretreatment part

The pretreatment device includes: source water booster pump, multi-media filtration system, carbon filtration system, security filter, etcIt mainly solves the following problems

Prevent reverse osmosis membrane surface scaling (including deposition of CaCO3, CaSO4, SrSO4, CaF2, SiO2, iron and aluminum oxides on the membrane surface). 

Prevent colloidal substances and suspended solid particles from fouling and blocking.

Prevention of organic pollution

Prevention of microbial fouling

Prevention of oxidation damage of membrane by oxidizing substances

This can ensure the stable operation and service life of the reverse osmosis device.

Raw water booster pump

The system is equipped with Taiwan "Feiyang" raw water booster pump to pressurize the raw water and provide power source for the pretreatment system. The flow rate of single pump is 3m3 / h, the lift is 35m, the power is 2kW, and the material is stainless steel structure.The pump has the characteristics of high efficiency and low noise.

Multi media filter

The multi-media filter mainly uses one or several kinds of filter media with different particle size (quartz sand is the inner packing material, and porous ceramics and manganese sand can also be selected according to the user's needs). Under a certain pressure, the water can pass through the medium to remove suspended solids, fine sediment, rust, red worms and algae and other solid substances in the water, so as to reduce the turbidity of the effluent The turbidity of water is required to be less than 20 degrees, and the turbidity of effluent can be below 5 degrees.

Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon technology plays an important role in the field of water treatment. It is indispensable in advanced water treatment. Some special functions of activated carbon process can not be replaced by other water treatment processes.

Decolorization can remove the chroma formed by iron, manganese, plant decomposition products or organic pollutants.

Dechlorination: it can remove the odor caused by residual chlorine.

Removal of organic matter: it can remove micro pollutants in water, such as pesticides, pesticides, chlorinated hydrocarbons, aromatic compounds, BOD and COD, which cannot be removed by conventional process due to water pollution.

Removal of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite: activated carbon can effectively remove ammonia nitrogen and nitrite.

In addition, it can deodorize, remove trace heavy metal ions (such as mercury, chromium plasma), synthetic detergent and radioactive substances in water.In order to ensure stable operation of system equipment, effluent quality and flow, troubleshooting, backwashing and other stable factors.The system is equipped with a security filter. After passing through the quartz filter, activated carbon filter and softener, the large suspended solids in raw water have been basically removed, while some small suspended solids have not been removed. In here, another microfiltration is carried out to remove suspended solids above 5 μ m to protect RO membrane from blockage.At the same time, some activated carbon foam is also trapped outside the reverse osmosis system. Ensure that the inlet and outlet of the filter are equipped with pressure indicator. When the pressure difference increases to the set value, replace the filter element.

Filtration of softened water:

The function of softener is to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water by cation exchange softening method, so as to soften the pretreated water and reduce the phenomenon of membrane plugging.

When the water containing hardness passes through the sodium ion exchanger, the hardness components (Ca2 + and Mg2 +) in the water exchange with the sodium ion in the exchanger. The exchange reaction is as follows:

When the water containing hardness passes through the sodium ion exchanger, the hardness components (Ca2 + and Mg2 +) in the water exchange with the sodium ion in the exchanger. The exchange reaction is as follows:

Wher { } is the main ion component in natural water.It can be seen from the above formula that after sodium ion softening, calcium and magnesium ions in water are replaced by sodium ions, and the residual hardness of the effluent can be lower than 0.002 μ mol / L to achieve the purpose of softening.

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